The price of gold looks ready to move.

Gold has been stuck in a trading range between $1,800 and $1,950 for the past five months. It has been frustrating for anyone looking for a rally during that time.

After all, bitcoin has exploded higher. The stock market has rallied to new all-time highs. Even junk bonds are much higher today than they were a few months ago.

Gold has lagged behind everything.

But, it looks to me like gold is getting ready to play “catch up.”

Of course, the fundamental factors support a higher gold price…

Interest rates are low. There’s $18 trillion in global sovereign debt trading with a negative yield. Budget deficits are high. The U.S. government is set to spend $2 trillion more than it takes in this year – not counting whatever stimulus packages are on the horizon.

And, inflation is heating up… As anyone who has visited a grocery store in the past few months knows.

But, it’s the technical picture that looks bullish to me. Look at this chart of gold…

It looks to me like the chart is forming an ascending triangle pattern. This is a bullish setup. And, a breakout to the upside could lead to a rally in gold up to the August high near $2,080 per ounce.

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At about $1,850, gold is currently trading near the support line of the pattern. So, this represents a low-risk area at which to buy the metal.

It also helps that all the various moving averages have coiled together, building energy to fuel the next big move.

There’s no guarantee, of course, that gold will move higher from here. Heaven knows I’ve been wrong before. But, since all of the fundamental factors support the argument for a higher gold price, I like the idea of buying gold while it’s testing the support line of the technical pattern.

Gold could be much higher in the months ahead.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark

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Reader Mailbag

In today’s mailbag, Jeff Clark Trader member Sandra comments on Eoin Treacy’s essay about buying the bitcoin dip…

Yes, we’re definitely planning on buying the dip and getting all our ducks in a row to be ready for a possible dip to 10,000 or lower. If it doesn’t dip that low, then we still have our other position set for the long haul.

Thank you, Jeff, for all your insights and years of experience in your trading adventures. And thank you Eoin for the essay. Kind Regards.

– Sandra

Market Minute subscriber Mahlen responds to Jeff’s essay on whether the end of the bull market is near…

I have no idea when the bull market will end. I think it’s like stochastics – the market can stay overbought (overextended) for longer than I have money to bet against it.

But, I do think that with the Biden campaign promising higher individual income taxes, higher corporate taxes, higher capital gains taxes, higher minimum wage, etc., the market won’t see these things as positive.

This will no doubt result in higher inflation and more money being taken from half the people to give to the other half. Personally, I’ll be surprised if the Dow Jones is still around 30,000 this time next year.

– Mahlen

And finally, Market Minute subscriber Nester and Jeff Clark Trader member Steve thank Jeff for his guidance…

I want to thank you for the education I’m getting from you and your associates. I’m gobbling it all up as if there is nothing else to do in this world. This is my religion. Thank you all at Jeff’s team. Keep it coming.

– Nester

Hello Mr. Clark, I have just a quick note to say I enjoy reading your posts. You’re calm, cool, and subjective. You encourage me to research – not just jump onto the “current bandwagon du jour.” It keeps FOMO at bay for me – which is one of my hardest challenges in trading. Anyhow, thank you.

– Steve

Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful comments. We look forward to reading them every day. Keep them coming – and send us any questions – at [email protected].