The Volatility Index (VIX) is sending another warning sign.

After peaking above 80 during the March decline in the stock market, the VIX has steadily declined over the past several weeks.

But, it’s approaching its lower Bollinger Band (BB). It’s likely to find support here and bounce. And, a bounce in the VIX usually goes along with a quick decline in the broad stock market.

Take a look at this updated chart of the VIX…


Longtime readers know the VIX generates a broad stock market “sell” signal when it drops below its lower Bollinger Band, and then closes back above it. But sell signals are rare. We only get about one or two each year.

During periods of heightened volatility – like we’re experiencing right now – it’s far more common for the VIX to bounce off of its lower Bollinger Band. And that bounce usually goes along with a quick decline in the broad stock market.

For example, in early April we pointed out the potential for a bounce in the VIX. The S&P 500 lost nearly 100 points over the next two trading days.

The VIX also bounced off its lower Bollinger Band in late April. That bounce went along with a 150-point decline in the S&P over the next week.

Yesterday, the VIX closed again right above its lower Bollinger Band.

There are two ways to go from here, and both are bearish

If the VIX continues to decline, then it will dip below its lower BB. Once that happens, we’ll get a broad stock market sell signal when the VIX closes back inside the bands.

Alternatively, the VIX could find support right here and start to bounce. That bounce will likely correspond to a quick decline in the broad stock market.

Either way… with the VIX in its current position, the market is setting up for at least a short-term decline.

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