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There’s a Big Move Coming for This Sector

By Jeff Clark, editor, Market Minute

Oil is setting up for a big move…

And, I’m betting it moves higher. Let me explain…

For the past several weeks, the price of oil has been stuck in a relatively tight trading range.

Take a look…

The chart has formed an ascending triangle pattern (the red lines) – which is a series of higher lows, and where the bounces keep running into the same resistance level. This is typically (but not always) a bullish pattern that leads to an upside breakout.

All of the various moving averages are coiled together as the price of oil is nearing the apex of the triangle. There’s lots of energy to fuel a big move. And, all of the moving averages are in a bullish configuration – with the 9-day exponential moving average (EMA) above the 20-day EMA (green line), and the 20-day EMA above the 50-day moving average (MA – blue line).

This setup favors a bullish move. So, I’m looking for a breakout to the upside within the next few days.

If the price of oil can break above the resistance line at about $43.50 per barrel, then the next resistance level is near $48. That’s nearly a 10% move higher from here. A more significant move higher could target the March high at $54 per barrel over time.

Of course, a bullish move in oil should lead to a bullish move in the oil stocks as well.

The energy sector has noticeably lagged behind the rest of the stock market over the past four months. But, if this pattern breaks out to the upside, then the oil stocks could play one heck of a game of catch-up.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark

P.S. Since I believe options are so simple to learn, and have the potential to multiply your money several times over in short time, I decided to test it out on my 18-year-old son Carson this past Wednesday.

During the presentation, I challenged Carson to double his money using my advice… even though he has no financial experience…

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