This last week has seen record-breaking moves in three of the world’s most popular markets.

Bitcoin has soared to an all-time high of $73,550, the Nasdaq has reached a peak of $18,436, and gold has hit an unprecedented $2,202.

That’s right, gold is trading higher than it has at any point in human history this week. This signals an underlying issue we often overlook: the weakening dollar.

So, what should we do with our dollars? Chase new highs in Bitcoin, the Nasdaq, and gold?

Following our advice from previous articles, we recommend against jumping into fear of missing out (FOMO) trades that push you to chase prices in overbought markets. However, the upcoming weeks could present an excellent opportunity to invest in another precious metal that has yet to reach all-time highs.

With some big decisions from those in charge of our money on the horizon, silver is showing a bright opportunity for a savvy trade.

The outstanding performance of silver mining companies and the Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLI) hitting a record $123.50 are significant indicators that silver’s big moment is imminent.

Furthermore, Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve’s recent hints at rate cuts soon could lead to a weaker dollar. A weaker dollar would provide even more reasons for silver (and gold) to increase in value. Let’s dig into why silver is ready for a trade.

Gold and Silver: The Inside Story

Gold’s leap over $2,200 is guiding us forward. Normally, when gold does well, silver follows, often with faster price changes. This increase in gold prices is our hint that silver is ready to shine, making now the perfect moment to gear up for silver’s spotlight.

Silver Miners: An Early Signal

Silver mining companies are already experiencing stock price increases. This initial movement is our first sign that significant developments are underway in the silver market. These gains act as secret hints from industry insiders, suggesting that silver’s value is about to surge.

The Perfect Storm: Industrial Demand and Rate Cuts

Silver is prized for its scarcity and broad use in manufacturing crucial industrial products like high-priced electronics, computers, phones, and electric vehicles.

The iShares Industrial ETF (IYJ) reaching new heights also hints at a strong demand for silver. Additionally, upcoming rate cuts by the Federal Reserve would weaken the dollar, benefiting silver and gold. This combination of strong industrial demand and potential rate cuts sets silver up for once-in-a-decade trade in silver.

Wise Moves for Investing in Silver

  • Monitor Precious Metals: With silver priced at $22.40 and gold hitting record highs, you should watch the charts daily for dips in the markets that could provide a great entry. The iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV) offers an easy way to trade silver. Additionally, trading stocks in companies like Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM) provides a smart trade without needing intricate knowledge of mining company operations.

  • Diversify with Silver Miners: Including stocks from silver mining companies or related ETFs in your portfolio can help you capitalize on silver’s anticipated rise while minimizing risk. However, given their recent uptick, waiting for a bigger pullback would be prudent.

  • Quick Gains with SLV Options: Given the current market dynamics and silver’s potential, trading options on SLV could lead to rapid profits. Look for an entry when conditions normalize, such as when SLV’s Commodity Channel Index (CCI) returns to zero, then aim for a 30-50% gain on these short-term trades.

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Silver’s Prime Opportunity

The record-breaking prices of gold, the positive momentum in silver mining stocks, strong industrial demand, and potential Federal Reserve rate cuts present a strong case for silver as an investment option.

As we navigate these dynamic conditions, silver stands out as a prime opportunity for investors seeking growth in their portfolios. The upcoming weeks could be an ideal time to trade silver, exploiting its potential for significant gains.

Now is the time to consider incorporating silver into your investment strategy. Don’t miss this chance!

Leveraging Market Data,

Brad Hoppmann