Understanding Options and Buying Calls

In the first installment of the Jeff Clark Training Video Series, Jeff Clark will walk you through understanding how option trading works, the difference between call and put options, and the real way to reduce your trading risk.
Jeff will explain the four strategies used to generate gains and how to add some pop to an otherwise conservative portfolio. By the end of this video, you’ll have a better grasp on how to make a successful option trade, things to avoid, and the real world of option trading.

Selling Covered Calls

In this second presentation from Jeff Clark, Jeff discusses selling call options, the difference between a covered and uncovered call, and how to make a profit from using both.
He’ll also go more in-depth on the best income producing strategy in the market, and how to avoid “losing your shirt.” By the end, you’ll understand why using this specific strategy is the one that makes sense for most option traders.

Buying Puts

In the third installment of this training series, Jeff Clark explains what a put option is, and how to profit when stocks go down in value instead of up.
You’ll learn the fundamental difference between a short and a put, and how using a put actually reduces your risk of losing money compared to outright selling a stock short.