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5 countries are quietly funding a war on America. And during their next meeting on August 22, nearly half the world could line up behind them.

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About two decades ago, the world experienced one of the most significant economic developments of the modern era.

I’m referring to the euro.

With the dollar’s pervasiveness, we may sometimes forget the importance of the euro – and the impact it has on the world.

Even during its creation, then Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan scoffed at the idea that the euro could have any real impact.

But he soon ate his words – in the period that followed, the Dow fell 38%, the S&P sank about 49%, and the Nasdaq plunged as much as 78%.

And the U.S. dollar lost 45% of its value after the euro’s creation.

There’s a reason to take note of this dramatic nosedive.

Because we’re facing an imminent situation that could have a similarly big impact on the markets… and your retirement.

And the formation of the euro shows the road map to the coming upset…

The Euro Road Map

The idea behind the euro began to solidify starting in the late ’80s.

A common currency in the EU would simplify trade, offer price stability, and grant Europe greater influence in the global markets.

So in 1988, the EU came up with a pathway for moving to a common monetary union, central bank, and currency.

It would occur in three stages, progressively moving from planning and policy adjustments to a currency everyone could use.

And over the next 14 years, that’s exactly what happened. In 2002, the euro currency began circulating publicly in the form we know today.

Please understand: This isn’t just a pointless history lesson you should tune out.

Because another group of countries is about to meet – and the outcome of their gathering could set another new currency in motion, just like the euro.

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A New Currency

On August 22, the BRICS countries will hold their 15th summit in Johannesburg.

There, leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will gather to discuss how to challenge the reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar.

The de-dollarization trend has accelerated since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

That’s due to backlash from the sanctions placed on Russia, demonstrating how USD can be weaponized against countries that don’t toe the line.

As a South African ambassador put it, “BRICS started a process that has been expedited as a result of the conflict, as a result of unilateral sanctions. The days of a dollar centric world is over.”

Over the past year alone, BRICS central banks have changed more of their reserves into gold rather than USD.

China, Brazil, and Russia have also focused on cross-border transactions that avoid use of the dollar.

And in a speech back in April, Brazil’s president said, “I am in favor of creating, within the BRICS, a trading currency between our countries, just like the Europeans created the euro.”

The impact of such a move can’t be overstated.

As a former staff economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers put it:

A BRICS-issued currency would… be like a new union of up-and-coming discontents who, on the scale of [gross domestic product], now collectively outweigh not only… the United States, but the entire G-7 weight class put together.

That’s why the world will be watching the upcoming summit closely. Because any moves forward could shake global markets.

If you’re not prepared, your portfolio – and retirement plans – could take a beating.

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