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Now, onto today’s market insight from analyst Imre Gams…

Gold is a very emotional market.

The yellow metal went from a high of $2,078 to a low of $1,618 in less than a year.

Keep in mind inflation was raging in the background during this time. And gold, a supposed inflationary hedge, failed to perform.

The truth is that gold isn’t an inflationary hedge at all.

This false belief is likely centered around the one time in modern history that gold did manage to beat inflation, which was in the 1970s. Back then, the inflation rate reached almost 9% but gold returned 35% for investors.

Unfortunately, correlation and causation aren’t the same thing.

None of this, however, means that gold isn’t a sound investment or a great market to trade.

I’m personally a huge goldbug. I believe everyone should be consistently buying physical gold every month in whatever quantity is affordable to them.

But I also know that the gold game is a very long-term one. The price of gold comes and goes.

That’s why it’s best to separate the idea of investing in gold and trading it.

And when it comes to trading gold, I’ve spotted a great setup I’m excited to show you.

Let’s check out a short-term price chart of gold below…


Price charts don’t get much more straightforward than this one.

The key feature on this one-hour chart of gold is the triangle chart pattern I’ve drawn using the blue lines.

Triangles are one of my favorite trend continuation setups because of how easy they are to identify.

The telltale sign of a triangle is when prices trade sideways in a narrowing channel. You can see how the two blue trendlines I’ve drawn will eventually converge, creating an apex.

It’s not necessary for prices to travel all the way to the apex of the triangle before breaking out, but it’s a fairly common occurrence.

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As a general rule, the closer prices get to the apex before breaking out, the more powerful the breakout is going to be.

So long as gold remains above $1,945 – the key level holding this triangle together – the upside target of $2,050 remains in play.

My preferred method of trading a triangle is to wait for a breakout of the upper trendline. More aggressive traders, however, may look for an entry within the structure of the triangle itself.

Gold is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting market for the remainder of the year.

I’ll continue to look for opportunities to be long gold. And of course, I’ll let you know right here when I find those setups.

Happy trading,

Imre Gams
Analyst, Market Minute


In today’s mailbag, a Currency Trader member thanks Imre for one of his recent training videos…

Wow, loved that last tutorial video by Imre on the impulsive and corrective movements.

Can really see it. I’m an architect and super visual. I get it. Thanks Imre, look forward to more of these great tutorials.

Richard D.

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