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20 out of 21 winning trades…

Since I launched my Currency Trader advisory last October, I’ve had only one losing trade out of the 21 I’ve recommended.

It’s part of the reason it’s become one of the most successful launches of a new advisory for my publisher – ever.

And it’s not because I have a crystal ball.

Sure, I’ve spent thousands of hours learning about trading setups that stack in my favor.

More importantly, I’ve developed a ruthless attitude to something many traders and investors couldn’t care less about – managing risk.

But that’s why most traders fail.

That’s a shame. Because I can pretty much guarantee you, that if you focus on the same things I do (including that ruthless attitude to risk), it will greatly increase your odds of being a consistently successful trader…

Cracking the Code

Don’t get me wrong…

Learning how to read a chart is a crucial skill. It’s also important to have a big-picture view on the market.

But managing your risk is way more important. It’s what lets you fight another day if a trade goes against you.

And believe me, trades will always go against you.

Since launching the beta phase of Currency Trader last October, I’ve scored a win rate of 95%.

Nobody – and I mean nobody – can maintain that kind of win rate forever.

That’s why risk management is key.

Let me show you how it works. We’ll use the example of the U.S. dollar and Canadian dollar (USD/CAD) pair trade that I recommended last year.

Jeff Clark Alliance members got my buy alert to their inboxes on October 5.

And they got my sell alert, on October 11, just six days later.

Depending on account size, those gains were worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $3,450.

But a lot happened in between in terms of risk management. Let me show you…

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It’s a Three-Step Process

I follow the same three-step risk management process with every trade I recommend…

  • Step 1: Reduce Risk

    As a trade develops favorably, I’ll look for opportunities to reduce risk. This involves raising the stop loss for the trade.

    A stop loss automatically kicks you out of a trade if it drops by a certain amount. So by raising the stop loss, you’re reducing your downside risk.

  • Step 2: Take a “Free Ride”

    As the trade becomes even more profitable, I aim to remove the risk of a loss altogether.

    In simple terms, I’ll move my stop loss to my initial entry point. That way, if the trade moves against me, my subscribers get out where we got in and avoid taking a loss.

    That’s why I call this a “Free Ride.” This trade is now all upside. There’s no downside risk anymore.

  • Step 3: Protect Open Profits

    After there’s no more risk – and the trade becomes a free ride – I shift my focus to maximizing profits.

    I’ll continue to take partial profits to lock them in. And I’ll let the remainder run to capture the maximum gains.

I followed these steps on my USD/CAD trade. In one day, I was able to eliminate all risk on the trade by recommending my readers take a “Free Ride.”

It’s true that the trade setup I spotted went my way…

But it was ultimately my risk management strategy that allowed my readers to walk away with as much as $3,450 in less than six days on the trade.

Now, more than 1,200 testers – including Jeff Clark – are on track to make a 2,248% return over the next year using this strategy.

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Happy trading,

Imre Gams
Analyst, Market Minute

Reader Mailbag

In today’s mailbag, a Currency Trader member expresses his appreciation for Imre’s service… If you’re curious about trading currencies and receiving a forex education directly from an expert, click here to learn more.

Hi Imre, I’ve become a huge fan of you since I joined Currency Trader. I never witnessed someone as yourself that is so emotionally vested in your passion. 

Your fabulous analytic and on-the-money fundamental common-sense approach to not only currency trading – but stocks, crypto, and gold – is incredibly educational.

I feel very secure in your hands since you can hit singles, doubles, and the occasional home run. You’re always protecting our downside risk and cumulatively making us a steady profit each month!

Thank you and stay well… because I plan on following you the rest of my life!

– Jeffrey S.

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