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The natural gas rally has started.

It could rally 100% by the end of the year.

Maybe that sounds nuts…

Commodity prices are volatile, but they’re not often set up to double in price in five months.

But, that could happen to natural gas.

Here is an updated look at the chart I shared with you two weeks ago…


When we last looked at this chart, natural gas was bumping up against the resistance line of a four-month-long trading range. We suggested that a breakout above $2.60 would mark the start of an intermediate-term rally phase that could push the price up towards $5.

Natural gas has since broken above its resistance line. And now, the price has drifted back down to test the former resistance near $2.60 as support.

This is fairly classic action.

If the new support level fails, then we’re back inside the months-long trading range and natural gas will chop around for a bit longer. But, if support holds right here and natural gas starts to move higher, we’re likely on the cusp of an explosive move.

And, if natural gas is headed higher then the natural gas stocks are going to lead the way.

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