Happy option expiration day!

Longtime readers know I’m not a fan of trying to trade during options expiration. The computers just seem to have even more influence than normal… Because in addition to the regular amount of computer-driven trading programs that influence each day’s market action, we’re likely to see some influence from computer programs designed to squeeze as much profit as possible out of expiring option positions.

So, rather than try to make sense of the markets today, I’ll share with you some feedback I’ve received from new subscribers…

I bought your membership the other day and I would like to know which broker I will be able to use to do your trades as a Swedish citizen? 

– Denden

Many online brokerages service accounts for international traders. Interactive Brokers is available to Swedish citizens. I’ve also heard that TD Ameritrade works well for international customers.

With two weeks now and essentially zero track record, it makes no sense to attempt to get serious commitment for serious money. 

– Arlene

Well… at least you gave it two weeks. But, I have to ask you Arlene… What went wrong?

Last Thursday I recommended call options on Target (TGT). We recorded a 136% gain on that trade in two trading days. Just this past Wednesday I recommended put options on a junk bond fund. Subscribers are up anywhere from 20%-40% on that trade after just one day. And as stocks were rallying on Wednesday morning, I told everyone who would listen that aggressive traders should look to short stocks into that move. Anyone who did that had a nice gain when the market dipped lower yesterday.

Normally, I’d say that two weeks probably isn’t enough time to expect big returns. But, geez. I wouldn’t call the past two weeks “essentially zero track record.”

I'm a subscriber of your service. I have known your work for many years, and like your trading style with options. I'm not sure if you provide such kind of recommendations, but thought it won't hurt to reach out to you. UAA seems breaking out to me. What would you do if you see this? What kind of trading would you recommend, with options perhaps? Thanks you!

– Alex

Hi Alex. Unfortunately, securities regulations don’t allow me to comment on specific investments from individual subscribers. But what I can say is this…

If a stock is breaking out and you want to trade that upside move, then you have two strategies to choose from. Either buying speculative call options or selling uncovered put options.

The ideal strategy depends on what you perceive to be the downside potential on the stock if you’re wrong, and the upside reward if you’re right. Set those two target prices and then look at the prices of the options available. Then you can find the option that offers the highest return with the least amount of risk if the stock moves to either of those two target prices.

If you’d like a lengthier explanation, then take a look at the first two chapters of my option video series – which you got for free with your subscription to the Delta Report.

That’s all for today. Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or great trading stories you’d like to share, make sure to send them right here.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark