There’s one strategy that I believe is going to be the best-performing for 2024…

In fact, it’s helped my entry-level subscribers to my Jeff Clark Trader service achieve an 82% win rate (more on that in a moment).

I call it “the Pulse system.”

How My Entry-Level Service Beat the Market Four-to-One

In a choppy environment like we’re seeing this year, stocks tend to move away from and then revert back to an average trading price.

Like a pulse…

Stocks rally, get overbought and overextended, and then fall back toward some average price level. Or, stocks decline, get oversold and overextended to the downside, and then bounce back.

It’s like the “snap back” action of a rubber band. It can only stretch so far before the rubber band snaps back to its original shape.

And for 2024, I believe a “buy and hold” investment strategy will underperform, as stocks rally for a while but then give up all the gains as they snap back.

Profiting on the short side of the market is also difficult in this environment. Stocks might fall for a bit, producing profits for folks who may have sold shares short…

But, those profits disappear as the inevitable bounce brings the stock back up to its average price level.

In the end, this sort of action creates a lot of volatility in stock prices…

But no real movement.

The Pulse System

I suspect this is what we’re going to experience in 2024, and perhaps for the next several years.

The best way to profit in this sort of environment is with my Pulse system of trading.

I’ve kept the Pulse system close to my vest my entire career… making 2x, 3x, 4x profits, and more – in any market. I believe it could be the world’s most predictable trading system. (You can learn more about it right here).

My Pulse system takes advantage of extreme movements in the stock market, in sectors, and in individual stocks.

It uses options to limit our risk and maximize our potential return.

And, it’s responsible for generating multiple triple-digit gains for my readers.

In fact, this system helped me earn an A+ grade on my Jeff Clark Trader newsletter:


If you haven’t seen the full report card, check it out here. It was painstakingly pulled together by Daily Cut editor Kris Sayce while trying to evaluate all entry-level services offered by Legacy Research.

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From Kris:

It’s not that we didn’t think Jeff Clark was a great trader.

But when we saw the returns for Jeff’s entry-level Jeff Clark Trader service, they didn’t seem real.

Not just the 82.1% win rate (in an industry where many traders are happy if they have a 50% win rate)…

But the way he beat the market by nearly four-to-one.

During our reference period, Jeff’s trades recorded a trading gain of 114.1%.

That means if your starting pot was $5,000, by the end of last year, it should have grown to $10,705. If it was $10,000, it should have grown to $21,410. And so on.

But if you’re anywhere near Jeff’s logged results, that’s an outstanding return.

So, as far as we’re concerned, that’s a well-deserved A+ for Jeff Clark and his excellent Jeff Clark Trader service.

I’m humbled to receive the only A+ grade on the report card. And I’m glad I can help my readers make money.

Best regards and good trading,


Jeff Clark
Editor, Market Minute

P.S. If you’ve been with me for a little, you may know I have two sons I taught to trade. So if you have kids in your life, my Jeff Clark Trader newsletter might be a great gift. After all, it’s only $19…