Most retail investors hate volatility…

Watching your portfolio go up one day, and back down the next is tough.

But traders look at volatility as an opportunity.

That’s because it’s easier to trade in a fast-moving market than a calm and stable one.

After all, if markets were always on a steady upward climb, then we’d all be buy-and-hold investors.

But that’s not the case…

Right now, there’s a forgotten corner of the market that’s just exploding with volatility. The conditions are the best they’ve been in over 14 years…

In fact, what’s happening right now has even had John Taylor – a veteran hedge fund manager – come out of retirement.

Taylor is 78 years old, and used to run a $14 billion hedge fund. He doesn’t need to work anymore at this stage of his life.

But Taylor believes that the opportunities at hand are so irresistible, he’s looking to raise money for a new fund.

And he’s not alone…

Hedge fund juggernaut Brevan Howard has tripled its exposure to this corner of the market in just the past year.

It’s paid off… by the end of last August the fund had already moved up 18%.

The World’s Biggest and Most Liquid Market

The market I’m talking about is foreign exchange (forex) – where investors buy and sell currencies against one another.

Forex is the world’s biggest and most liquid market. The daily volumes in forex dwarf what’s happening in stocks.

About $7.4 trillion passes through the forex market every single day. That’s about 32X bigger than all U.S. stock markets put together.

But here’s the problem… there aren’t a lot of seasoned traders out there who know how to trade this market.

That’s because for the about 14 years, forex wasn’t a great trading market.

The aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis saw central banks slash their interest rates to rock bottom levels. This sucked all the volatility out of the forex market.

As a result, there’s a whole generation of traders that have very limited experience with currencies.

According to Barclay Hedge, a research firm that specializes in hedge funds, there are now between 85 and 110 dedicated forex funds. A decade ago, there were over 550.

You see, I’ve been trading for over 14 years… I even used to run a hedge fund… And trading forex was how I cut my teeth as a trader.

That’s why I was able to spot in advance the opportunities that all these funds are looking to take advantage of right now.

And I’m willing to put up my track record against any of them.

Free Trading Resources

Have you checked out Jeff’s free trading resources on his website? It contains a selection of special reports, training videos, and a full trading glossary to help kickstart your trading career – at zero cost to you. Just click here to check it out.

The Key to Financial Security

Back in July 2022, I started issuing trades to a select group of beta testers. These were live forex trades with clear instructions on exactly what to do.

So far, we’ve recorded a 95.6%-win rate with 23 winners out of a total of 24 trades.

Here’s what some of our traders have been saying so far…

Hi Imre, thank you very much for another winner. I had a gain of $591.20 to open the new year. I enjoy trading your recommendations. Keep them coming.

– Alfred R.

I have made positive money on both trades so far. About 3% on the EUR/USD trade. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn more.

– Richard H.

Hi Imre, I’m new to your system. This is my second trade since I joined. I made $69, roughly 28% of my risked fund on this trade.

Thank you for all your concise guidance. I like the tempo of the trades very much. This is trading – but not too active to become a hassle. Please keep it up simply as it is.

– Komlan A.

I made 56 pips on the AUD/USD trade. Thanks very much.

– Don B.

Those results have only been possible because of how seriously I take risk management.

I’ll never claim to make anyone rich overnight. But I do believe the combination of a proven edge in the markets, along with time, is enough to build financial security.

I want to be as transparent as possible with anyone considering joining my new Currency Trader service.

It’s important to me that this is a good fit for you and your plans for your financial future.

On Thursday, February 9, I sat down with my colleague Jeff Clark to provide an important update on my forex trading strategy.

It’s not too late to watch the recording if you click here. But you’ll want to act quickly, because I know my publisher will be taking it offline in the coming days.

Happy trading,

Imre Gams
Analyst, Market Minute