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It’s been an incredible run so far…

For the past six years, I’ve had one goal: balance the scales in favor of the retail investor.

I wanted to provide institutional-level research that could help “move the needle” for everyday investors.

And for over half a decade, that’s what I’ve done.

My readers have profited from investments in some of the most exciting areas of technology: 5G networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, precision medicine, and more.

But with all these explosive investments, there has been one conspicuous absence: digital assets, or what most people know as “cryptocurrencies.”

Many readers may not know, but I’m heavily involved in the blockchain and digital assets space.

As an active member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, I’ve spoken with American and international policymakers to advocate for sensible regulations on digital assets.

As an active angel investor, I’ve invested in numerous crypto startups. My private investments include…

  • Ripple Labs: The company behind XRP, the sixth-largest digital asset by market capitalization as of writing.

  • Abra: The company behind one of the most popular crypto wallets.

  • Coinbase: The world’s largest digital asset exchange, and the world’s first public crypto exchange company.

Suffice to say that this is an area I know very, very well. But – with a few notable exceptions – I’ve avoided recommending cryptocurrencies to my readers.

Today, I’ll tell you why…

And I’ll explain why now is the time to gain exposure to some of the most explosive investments on the planet.

The “Wild West” Days of Crypto Are Over

Bitcoin is now more than 10 years old. I first profiled the cryptocurrency in 2015, when it was trading for around $240. The title of my report was: “What’s the Big Deal With Bitcoin?”

That shows where the conversation was at the time. But nobody is asking that question anymore. Anyone who bought bitcoin after they read my report and held until its recent peak made as much as 26,900%.

But back then, it was very risky to buy and hold a cryptocurrency. Simple, honest mistakes could leave investors with a complete loss of capital. That kind of risk is not suitable for most investors.

Investing in the digital asset space felt a lot like the Wild West back then. I can’t tell you how many times I sent my bitcoin or Ethereum off to someone else who would invest those funds into another blockchain project.

The truth is that I never knew if I would see those funds again. Everything was based on my own network of trust.

I also predicted the cryptocurrency collapse in late 2017, which led to the “crypto winter” that lasted for more than a year. By doing so, I kept my subscribers out of the carnage. Bitcoin, the best cryptocurrency, fell 82% during that time, and most cryptocurrencies fared even worse.

I never recommend an asset that I believe could collapse in price. My goal is simple – to make my subscribers money. I treat each recommendation as if I were investing my own money.

That’s why, after the initial recommendations I made… I haven’t spoken much about investments in the blockchain space to my subscribers in the following years.

Instead, I chose to focus on technology companies that would benefit from the explosion in growth of the blockchain industry rather than recommending cryptocurrencies themselves.

The truth is, I’ve been patiently waiting for the right time in the market when the infrastructure and ease of use would be well-established enough for my subscribers.

That’s where we are now.

The industry is well-established… and some great platforms and exchanges have removed much of the complexity and risk from investing in digital assets.

Now we’re even seeing institutional money finally taking an interest in bitcoin.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance took a $100 million stake in bitcoin in December 2020. This is not some small, niche enterprise. MassMutual is a 150-year-old institution.

And it’s not alone…

Financial technology innovator Square put a portion of its treasury – $50 million – into bitcoin. And information technology (IT) services firm MicroStrategy moved nearly its entire cash reserves, a whopping $425 million, into bitcoin.

This is just the beginning of a larger adoption trend.

And I’m thrilled to now be able to open the doors on blockchain technology and digital assets for my readers… and provide research on the most explosive investment opportunities on the planet.

We’re Not Just Looking for the Next Hot Crypto

To be clear, our goal at Brownstone Research is not just to find the “next hot crypto,” regardless of whether it’s a solid project or not. This type of blind speculation can be exciting, but it won’t be our guiding principle.

Instead, we are investing for the longer term in the foundational technology behind Web 3.0.

This is a critical space for anyone who’s interested in cryptos or blockchain technology… because right now, we’re seeing projects develop the protocols behind the next generation of the internet.

Imagine investing in the protocols of Web 1.0 that gave rise to Amazon, Facebook, and Google. That’s the opportunity here… We’re in the middle of creating an internet that’s decentralized and resistant to censorship.

The internet was also intended to democratize economic power and influence. The goal was to provide everyone unfettered access to the internet and information.

And with blockchain technology, we’ll finally achieve that goal in Web 3.0…

Not only that, but as the industry continues to develop, we’ll be able to also invest in novel assets based on these technologies… things like security tokens – digital versions of real-world assets. Imagine owning a portion of a natural gas refinery or a percentage of a residential real estate building.

We’ll also keep a close eye on the developing NFT space… non-fungible tokens are in their infancy right now. These digital representations of art promise to disrupt the fine art and collectibles space.

Seeing these asset classes develop is just another reason I’m so excited to start talking about investment opportunities in this space.

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Jeff Brown
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