Jeff’s Note: My right-hand analyst, Imre Gams, has made some of the most accurate calls I’ve ever seen. Time and time again, he’s given readers the chance to profit across all asset classes.

For reference, today we’ve included just a few of his most recent calls… including the chance to earn over $65,000 in just three months.

Over the past year, he’s been “downloading his brain” into a new AI to recognize the very same signals he’s used to predict the markets. He’s calling it, after the Biblical prophet with the uncanny ability to see the future.

Together, what they see ahead could be a $39 trillion market shock, with the power to change the U.S. financial system as we know it. But before you panic, there’s one simple way to profit that could return your money 16 times over…

By following a pattern called a “JACOB Wave,” you could have already booked 348% on… 1,267% on Arista Networks… and even 8,287% on AMD. 

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I’ve built my reputation in the trading world on making big calls that have come true.

These calls have given me the opportunity to work with some of the best traders in the world. For example, my mentor, who once brought in $300 million in profits from a single trade.

But after over a decade of managing money on Wall Street, I wanted to do something different…

My goal was to bring these same bold calls to Main Street. So, that’s my focus in Market Minute, alongside my colleague Jeff Clark.

Today we’ll review some of those calls across a variety of assets, and how they panned out…

My first big call came on December 1, 2021. Readers were given the key level that I used to call the bear market of 2022. At the time, the Dow had risen over 600 points, rebounding after the omicron COVID-19 sell-off.

Most folks thought the sky was the limit. But I recognized a key level that could mark the start of a move lower. One month later, the Dow had put in a top and plummeted.

Then, I shared another prediction on February 23, 2022. When Russia was on the cusp of invading Ukraine, readers were told exactly what to expect in the energy sector. My analysis called for oil to surge in the short-term. That was in line with many mainstream forecasts.

But what I forecasted next certainly wasn’t in any mainstream forecast…

I called for oil to sell off hard after breaching $100 a barrel. Crude oil ran up to $130 a barrel as forecasted… and then ended up hitting $63.64 a barrel by May 2023. That’s over a 51% decline.

Had you been short just one crude oil contract, you could’ve earned over $65,000 in three months…

Now we’ll move onto this year’s predictions…

Starting on January 12, I called the bottom in bitcoin. At that point, bitcoin had already sold off nearly 80% between November 2021 and November 2022.

Bitcoin is currently up over 140% since making that call.

Two months later on March 23, readers were given a playbook for the summer melt-up in stocks. Readers were given key levels to determine if the trend was headed up or down.

This time, the trend was bullish.

Part of that run included an amazing buy opportunity in Tesla in July. Market Minute readers could have banked a 75% gain in the stock in just over 2 months.

And when things were looking incredibly bullish for the markets, I made another bold call.

This time, it probably wasn’t what folks wanted to hear…

On July 31, readers were warned the rally might be coming to an end. As it turns out, the market had in fact already topped. A vicious 10.5% sell-off followed.

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Now, please understand not every forecast I make turns out exactly as expected. Not every call comes true. But the important thing is getting them right more often than not.

That’s why I was personally hand-picked to work with one of the best traders I know, Jeff Clark.

And right now, I have another bold call I’m getting ready to make.

This coming event could affect America’s status as the global Superpower… and begin its decline on the world stage.

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Join me for the opportunity to grab your slice of what could be as large as a $40 trillion pie, right here.

Happy trading,


Imre Gams