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The Action to Watch on 6/7

Traders seem a little nervous about the potential for some volatility later this week…

The Action to Watch on 6/6

Risk has a habit of showing up when you least expect it…

The Action to Watch on 6/5

Over in the gold market, there’s something interesting happening…

Keeping the “Edge” Sharp

For me, trading is a passion. And I want to share that passion with as many people as possible because it makes me a better trader.

The Action to Watch on 6/1

There’s plenty of energy available for a larger-scale move. The jobs report just might be the catalyst…

The Action to Watch on 5/31

Don’t let your guard down…

The Action to Watch on 5/30

It’s late night on Memorial Day. The last wine cork has been popped. The coals on the barbeque have gone cold. There’s a pile of pool towels dampening the tiles on the side of the Jacuzzi. And stock futures have just opened for trading – down one point. It looks like we’re going to start this week pretty much the same way we ended the last one: in a tight, lethargic trading range.

Keep an Eye out for Something Big Next Week

Jeff’s note: The markets are closed for Memorial Day, so I didn’t plan on sending you a Market Minute today. But my publisher asked if she could step in with a special announcement. Read on for details… Dear Reader, Hi, my name is Amber Lee Mason. I’m Jeff Clark’s publisher… I’ve been working with him for more than […]

The Crystal Ball Sees Danger Ahead

The stock market ground to another new all-time high yesterday. The S&P 500 rolled right over the negative divergence that had built up on the intraday charts over the past three days, and closed at 2415. The bulls are in control. They have the momentum. The market can certainly press higher from here. But, I have to warn you… there’s danger ahead. Any further gains in the market in the short term are likely to be given back over the next few weeks.

The Action to Watch on 5/25

It’s quiet out there… too quiet. The stock market continued its lethargic grind higher yesterday. The S&P 500 closed near an all-time high at 2404. But the unheard sound of champagne corks not popping was deafening.

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