I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you this.

But for the past year, the stock market has been absolutely nuts…

We’ve gone from the most oversold conditions in the history of the stock market, at the depths of the March lows… To the biggest recovery rally anyone’s ever seen.

And, thanks in part to the Fed and the U.S. government, a $20 trillion stampede of money has funneled its way into the market. 

So, even as the country has entered its most challenging downturn since the 2008 crisis, the stock market has soared to new high after new high.

And, investors are piling into the markets like never before.

Right now, an estimated 15 billion-plus shares are changing hands every single day. And since the pandemic started, nearly 3,000 stocks have soared 100% or more. 

It can be hard to make sense of this sort of action…

But thankfully, we no longer have to make sense of it. We just have to follow a system that can spot the stocks primed for big gains.

Let me explain…

The Small Stock Speculator’s Strategy

You see, a couple years ago, I developed a trading strategy that takes advantage of a specific area of the market – what I like to call “low-priced stocks.”

Using a specific set of technical indicators, I’m able to spot low-priced stocks in patterns that tend to precede massive runs higher. And, it’s worked out pretty well. 

Now, out of interest to my subscribers, I can’t reveal what those indicators are here.

But, what I can tell you is that these indicators show me when a lot of energy is building up in a particular stock, waiting to be unleashed… Often quicker than you can imagine. 

The best thing about these stocks is they’re frequently cheap on a fundamental basis, but they aren’t penny stocks in the traditional sense.

They have both the potential to double (or more) from their current price, but without much of the risk of heading to zero like the penny stocks in the over-the-counter market. 

With that floor under the stock price, I can comfortably recommend companies that are both fundamentally sound, and likely to produce large gains on your money in a short time.

And, you don’t have to just take my word for it… In the past, I’ve used this same method to spot trades that rose 101%, 135%, and even 196%. 

And now, with $20 trillion flooding the market, I want to show how to use my strategy to potentially see consistent gains month after month… During a year the Fed says could be twice as big as the dot-com boom.

Free Trading Resources

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Setting Humility Aside

If you’ve been reading the Market Minute for a while, then you know one thing for sure about me… I don’t tend to brag about my successful trades.

And, it’s not often I really “pound the table” on one trade or another. I try to treat all opportunities with the same merit. And, humility is a common quality among all of the successful traders I know.

Lately, though, I’ve been pushing the edge of the humility envelope. 

A short while ago, I was practically screaming at my readers that our recommended stock holdings were undervalued. I was confident our stocks would soar much higher in the months that followed. Granted, we were down on a few of these positions… But, I knew it was temporary. 

Since then, we’ve seen several trades in our open model portfolio rise from their lows… And even run as much as 100% higher. 

But, the rest of the stocks in our model portfolio are screaming buys at their current prices. Anyone who was looking to buy stocks with low-risk/high-reward potential had a huge opportunity with our portfolio. 

And, that’s what I’m saying to you today.

The stock market has been nuts lately. There’s really no sense to the action. 

But, if you can buy cheap stocks in oversold conditions, then you’re likely to outperform the broader stock market in the months ahead.

That’s what I’ve been recommending lately to my subscribers. We “flip” these low-priced stocks, using a specific technical pattern that can predict imminent, explosive moves.

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I genuinely believe there’s no better strategy to trade the market this year. And, I hope you can attend to learn exactly why. 

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Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark

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