Are you prepared for chaos in the financial markets?

Now, perhaps more than any other time in a generation, the financial markets are vulnerable to sudden changes…

Central banks around the world are involved in the markets. The worldwide debt level is higher than it has ever been. Countries are on the brink of bankruptcy.

The U.S. stock market is in the late innings of a long-term bull run. The action in cryptocurrencies is heating up. Sovereign government bonds are trading for negative yields. And, the price of gold is swinging all over the place.

Meanwhile, there are remarkable innovations occurring in industries such as biotechnology, manufacturing, natural resources, and others.

So, how can you profit from this chaos?

You can find out next week from some of the best minds in finance…

Next week, Legacy Research is hosting its biggest and most exclusive financial event of the year – the second-annual Legacy Investment Summit, in Carlsbad, California. There I’ll join other Legacy gurus like Teeka Tiwari, Jeff Brown, Doug Casey, and others… to deliver our biggest and boldest ideas of the year.

We’ll be sharing our newest research on a number of investment ideas, including cryptocurrencies, pot stocks, commodities, options trading, and all the other best wealth-building strategies for the years ahead.

During my presentation, for example, I plan to unveil a new trading algorithm designed specifically to generate profits during turbulent times in the stock market.

This is a “can’t miss” event. But, if you can’t travel to California on such short notice, don’t worry. There’s still a way for you to attend …

The technology wizards at Legacy Research have figured out a way for you to see the whole conference live from the comfort of your own home. And I highly suggest you do so.

Given the huge potential for turbulence in the financial market, this may be the most valuable conference of the decade. The presentations won’t be available to anyone other than attendees. It’s like having an exclusive early look at what Legacy Research’s top minds are planning for their subscribers.

That’s why watching the conference will be one of the best financial moves you can make this year.

If you’re attending in person, I look forward to seeing you there. If you missed the chance to be there in person, please don’t miss the chance to watch it live. And, even if you can’t make the live show, a livestream ticket will give you access to a full recording that you can watch anytime.

For more details on a livestream ticket, click here.

Best regards and good trading,

Jeff Clark

Reader Mailbag

Today, one subscriber thanks Jeff for his trading services…

Jeff, myself and (I suspect) many of your followers, are serious gold traders/investors. Your updates and comments on gold and silver are timely and welcome. Please keep them coming in both Delta Direct and Delta Report. They are very helpful.

Also, your updates on bitcoin and GBTC have been great. I made 150% on a GBTC trade using your comments as support. Thanks.

– Gary

Mike’s note: Thanks for the kind note, Gary. We’re glad you’re profiting from Jeff’s insights.

And while you’re here… If you’ve ever been curious about investing in cryptocurrencies, you’ll want to check out our colleague Teeka Tiwari’s new presentation: “5 Coins to $5 Million.” It details a specific, rare event – only months away – that could send the price of bitcoin and a handful of smaller cryptos soaring.

The live event was Wednesday night, but you can watch a replay right here. Just don’t wait… it won’t stay online much longer.

And if you have any other trading stories, questions, or comments, please submit them at [email protected].