In the thrilling world of precious metals, we’re witnessing a spectacular show. Gold and silver, our shining stars, are racing upward at breathtaking speed. On March 14, we encouraged buying the Global X Silver ETF (SLV) at around $26.

And what a ride it’s been. Since that day, the ETF has gone up a whopping $8, or 30%. But, as with any rollercoaster, it’s smart to anticipate a pullback.

Gold: Shining Bright, But Watch the Curve

Gold’s performance is not just good; it’s been outstanding, with its RSI (Relative Strength Index) soaring above 70 and CCI (Commodity Channel Index) crossing above the overbought price of 100 for a full week now.

But it’s time to take a pause. This is a bit like a sprinter running too fast, too soon; a pause to catch their breath might be just around the corner. For those who heeded our call and jumped into silver, it’s been a rewarding journey. Yet, with the RSI hinting at “overextended” territories, a brief step back is now needed with half or all of your position.


Gold’s Sizzling Sprint

Gold has recently set all-time highs in the past week at over $2,384. It too has its RSI and CCI into ”overbought” territories. But here’s where the plot twists: even if gold takes a momentary breather, silver might just keep sprinting a bit longer in the coming weeks. If this happens, staying aboard the silver express for another week could be a smart move.

It’s like catching the wave that carries you a bit further, even as the tide begins to recede. But if you want to be 100% sure to take a nice profit, you should probably ring the cash register.

Precious Metals: Prepare for the Cool-Down

Our excitement for gold and silver isn’t dimming, but we’re also keeping a keen eye on the signals. The CCI alongside RSI levels suggest that after their spectacular run, both metals might enter a cooling-off phase. The supercycle journey for precious metals is far from over; this upcoming pause is just one of the thrilling twists and turns on this rollercoaster ride.

Strategy: Embrace the Excitement, Plan for the Pause

For now, the spotlight remains on these glittering treasures. If you’re in gold, watch closely for signs of the anticipated pullback or just exit now.

Meanwhile, silver offers an extra lap of excitement selling half or just selling all will lock in gains and keep powder dry for the next drop silver may have. Should gold begin to slow, consider silver your ticket to extending the thrill and buy some upcoming dips.

But remember, this phase of rapid growth may soon give way to a calmer period. It’s a chance to regroup, reassess, and prepare for the next leg up in the precious metals supercycle.

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In Summary: A Moment in the Sun, With More to Come

What a time to be part of the precious metals saga. Gold and silver have provided us with a dazzling performance, affirming our recommendations and rewarding the bold.

Yet, the wisdom in this market lies not just in riding the highs but in navigating the entire journey. As we anticipate a brief cool-off, let’s keep our eyes on the horizon. The supercycle story for gold and silver is still unfolding, promising more excitement, more opportunities, and, yes, more rollercoaster twists in the chapters ahead. Stay tuned, stay prepared, and most importantly, stay exhilarated by the journey.


Brad Hoppmann
Analyst, Market Minute