Mike’s note: It’s easy to feel disheartened with the markets – and our current cultural climate – due to all that’s transpired in 2020. Our colleague and Palm Beach Daily editor Teeka Tiwari is here to remind us that there is indeed still ample opportunity and optimism in the U.S. markets… if you just know where to look.

Teeka attributes this positivity to what he calls “The Fourth Technological Revolution” – potentially the most explosive, life-changing technology in the history of the world. Those who see the shift coming now could become incredibly wealthy… and those who don’t see it could become further left behind.

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I know I’m very much in the minority when it comes to my upbeat views on American growth…

So far, 2020 has been a series of unrelenting shocks. An impeachment… A deadly pandemic… Peaceful protests… Violent riots… And a steep stock market crash.

I can understand why you may think my belief in a brighter future reads like the writings of a doe-eyed teenager.

Let me assure you… Even when I was a doe-eyed teenager, my market prognostications were always based upon hard facts.

I remember the first time in my career when I was mocked for my investment opinion. The year was 1990. I was 19 and had just purchased (on behalf of my clients) $3 million worth of RJR Nabisco junk bonds.

The U.S. was in the early stages of a brutal recession. The stock market was suffering. But it was the junk bond market that was leading the way down.

At the time, the prevailing thinking was we’d see widescale defaults on junk bonds as corporations suffocated under a mountain of debt… and not enough cash flow to service their bonds.

Instead of succumbing to the fear gripping the entire market, I started doing my own homework. I began investigating RJR Nabisco bonds.

The bonds had a coupon (interest rate) of 15%. But because they had dropped so far below face value, the yield had gone up to 21%.

It seemed to me that even if the entire U.S. did go down the tubes… people would still be smoking cigarettes and eating Kraft snacks. In my eyes, the company’s tobacco and snack-business cash flow was bulletproof.

And so, I brought the idea to my entire book of clients. Most of them said no. A few of them accused me of being a “clueless teenager” and closed their accounts. I ended up getting only about $3 million worth of RJR bonds on the books.

All the logic in the world was not enough to pierce their preconceived ideas of how bad the junk bonds were. Yet, over the next four years, those bonds would end up delivering $1.75 million worth of gains.

A Power Shift Is Coming

It’s tough to be optimistic when the world seems to be crashing down around you.

It’s difficult to trust a stock market that appears completely disconnected from reality.

It’s hard to have faith in the American way of life when Congress dithers on another $1,200 stimulus check for struggling Americans… while billionaires have seen their fortunes soar by $434 billion from mid-March to mid-May.

Friends, I’ve been through tough times…

I grew up in England’s foster care system – living in a tiny, unheated room above a garage. I had nothing growing up but a dream of moving to New York City… and getting a job on Wall Street.

By age 16, I found my way to the Big Apple.

A month after my 18th birthday, I landed a job at Lehman Brothers. Two years after that, I became the youngest vice president in the history of Shearson Lehman.

I gave all I had to pursue my dreams, and America gave back in spades.

That America is still alive and well, if you know where to look. And right now, America is about to see the biggest wealth and power shift in history.

The people who see this shift coming – and, more importantly, take the right steps – will grow fantastically wealthy. Those who don’t will be left even further behind.

Thanks to one revolutionary technology… the very foundation of finance, politics, and our economy is about to be “reborn” before your eyes… And a whole new class of millionaires will arise.

Get in on This Wave Now

Look, I’m not saying the recession of the early 1990s is the same as the new normal we’re living in today.

What I am saying is – just like back then – America will rebound again.

America will get back on track, and this technological shift presents a chance for you to build life-changing wealth.

I call it the “Fourth Technological Revolution.”

I don’t have the space here to go into detail about this next technological revolution. But it’s the most explosive, transformative technology in the history of the world.

Whether you choose to invest in this revolutionary, new technology or not… it will change your life.

For some, it will change for the worse, and for others, it will change for the better. My goal is to make sure you are in the second camp.

Hear me when I tell you: If you place a small, calculated bet right now, it could help you live a life of wealth far beyond anything you ever dreamed of.

When I was a young man, my clients didn’t listen to me when I pitched them the chance to make a killing from America’s revival. They thought I was a clueless kid seeing the world through rose-colored glasses.

But I did my homework back then. And my clients who listened walked away with triple-digit gains.

Today, I’ve helped my subscribers make millions off of my recommendations related to this revolutionary technology.

If you want to learn more about how this unstoppable trend will mint thousands of new millionaires, I urge you to watch my new video presentation today.

It can be the difference between becoming wealthy in this new world… and being left behind.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily