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Earlier this year, one of my long-time trading students stopped by my house for a visit.

I worked with this student over the last four years, but I hadn’t heard from him in several months.

So when I opened my door, I had no idea what to expect.

He was holding a bottle of single malt whisky, so I was scared that he’d blown up his trading accounts and needed to vent.

After shaking hands, he handed me the bottle…

But with a huge smile on his face, he told me he finally had his first fully profitable trading year in 2022… and wanted to use some of his profits to celebrate with me.

I was so happy to hear this news and touched by his gesture, but what he told me next surprised me even more…

He confessed, “Imre… if I never have another profitable trade and end up quitting trading for good, I’ll have not regretted a single minute of any of this.”

Although I feel the same way, very few people have shared this sentiment with me.

Coincidentally, they were all traders who had reached the promised land of consistent success.

Good Trading Is a Mastery of the “Self”

You see, all traders start out with the same goal to make money.

But what so many novice traders don’t understand is that to make money, you’ll need to first do some intense work on yourself.

That’s because successful trading requires two distinct skills.

The first is being able to analyze a market. You can think of good analysis as a mastery of observation.

And then, there’s the actual skill of making money from your market analysis. This is what we all refer to as “trading.”

Good trading is ultimately a mastery of the self.

I know so many traders that are decent at calling the direction of the market… but they can’t consistently make money from their own ideas.

That’s because they haven’t worked on mastering their emotions.

Being able to follow a trading plan requires discipline and great emotional control – qualities that most of us don’t naturally possess.

It takes time and a tremendous amount of effort to build the kind of discipline that trading demands.

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Prepare for a Rewarding Transformation

I like to say that trading forces you to hold a mirror up to yourself. A good trader isn’t afraid to stare deeply into that mirror, acknowledge their flaws, and then commit to fixing them.

In my first few years of trading, I was a ball of nervous and angry energy. My mood would go up and down depending on my wins and losses.

But somewhere along the way, trading stopped being only about the money.

The path that led me to consistent success also led me to becoming a better human. My development as a trader has made me much more patient, easygoing, and understanding.

It’s this kind of transformation that my student was referring to.

Becoming a successful trader is incredibly difficult, but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Because of this, my life’s work is dedicated to helping others reach their full potential as successful traders.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few months developing something I call “Project X.” In short, it’s the fastest and most profitable trader success system in my firm’s history.

It’s designed to help regular people start trading immediately, and take more profits off the table than some of the highest paid traders in the world.

Many of my Currency Trader subscribers have benefitted from my techniques…

And over 2,000 people have joined since we opened the doors last October.

Here’s what they have to say about Currency Trader so far…

I’ve made about $3,500. I couldn’t subscribe fast enough!

I was trading crypto and wanted to switch to forex but didn’t know how to get started. And within a few weeks of that realization BOOM, this was perfect!

I am a lifetime subscriber. I trust Imre, the video updates are so thorough and polished… this is going to be a great adventure… and a great second half of my life (I’m 58 and truly starting over).

Much love, respect, and appreciation to you Imre!

– Darrynne J.

Imre, your recommendations have been brilliant. I made 365 pips on the USD/JPY trade.

Three winners out of the four is excellent. Well done and I await more recommendations.

– Alfred R.

Hello Imre and team, your educational videos along the way have been very valuable to a complete newbie like me. You really explain things well and make it easy to understand.

After just a few trades, my account is now up to $287, which I think is about a 43.5% gain. I’m very pleased!

– Mike S.

I have almost doubled my initial investment with Currency Trader.

I was extremely excited when Jeff and you introduced Currency Trader, as it’s something I have been fascinated by but only from a distance as no one has explained it all as well as you.

My plan is to use my proceeds to “ride the rush” and continue to grow my account and experiences.

– Andrew L.

Your trade alerts are very clear and precise, and therefore very easy to understand and execute.

Your trade analyses and market reports are also very informative and helpful. In particular, I appreciate your trading style where risk management is your No. 1 priority.

My plan for profits generated is to provide a level of income during my retirement, especially during these times of market volatility and drawdowns.

Even though I live in Auckland, New Zealand, I am still able to execute trade alerts without difficulty. Many thanks for a wonderful service. Your skill and efforts are much appreciated!

– Mark M.

I was able to take 50% profits, then my position automatically closed at the target.

Thanks, and I’ll continue to hit the training material and start building my charts and targets on my own as well for good practice.

– Tony C.

As you can see, folks have been finding this service incredibly helpful.

But if you want to see the proof for yourself, this Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET I’m sitting down with Jeff Clark to explain everything. You can sign up for our free presentation right here.

Over the past 12 months, our currency traders have enjoyed a 79%-win rate… resulting in a 961% return.

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Happy trading,

Imre Gams
Analyst, Market Minute